Lemon Green Tea 25 Dip


Lemon Green Tea 25 Dip

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Product Name : Lemon  Green tea

Net Weight: 25 dip sachet

Ingredients: Kangra Green Tea with Lemon Natural flavour.

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Kangra Fresh Lemon  Green Tea 25 dip

  • TASTE- Kangra Green Tea is  one of the best green tea produced in Kangra ,Himachal , with upholds the delicate flavour in every cup of Kangra Fresh lemon  Green tea
  • INGREDIENTS- Kangra Green Tea & Lemon  Natural Flavour . 
  • FRESHLY PACKED – Our tea leaves are hand plucked by tea pluckers who are experts at hand-selecting the freshest tea leaves for their texture and their purity. Our tea is freshly packed within 1 day of plucking, so that you can experience the rich flavor & unique aroma of our tea
  • TIME OF CONSUMPTION -Savour a cup of tea in the mid-morning
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Rich in Anti-oxidants and catechins that protect skin cells, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, boost metabolism, and enhance working memory. Kangra Fresh Lemon  Green Tea has the highest levels of Anti-oxidants out of all Green Teas produced in India


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